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Safe Browse - Enjoy the internet at home, safely

Internet security is increasingly becoming an area of concern for parents, guardians and families. The internet provides a wealth of valuable information and resources for children, it helps them develop new skills and learn about topics ranging from science and history to languages and music. However, it also provides access, and in some cases easy access, to websites that are not suitable for impressionable young minds.

Businesses have legitimately expanded their online presence to include dating, betting and gambling websites that are aimed at over 18’s but with little effort they can be accessed by those who are younger and therefore more vulnerable to their potential dangers. 

Social media and content sites such as FaceBook, You Tube and Twitter can be used effectively and safely to share information and photos but in the wrong hands can also be exploited and used as a platform upon which to target children and expose them to inappropriate material.

Furthermore, internet access is no longer restricted to a desktop PC or family laptop, devices such as games consoles, smart phones, tablet PC’s and eBook readers can also be used to access websites and it can become very hard to monitor what is being accessed by them. Safe Browse can do just that, it can restrict access to certain websites across every device in the home with one installation.

Safe Browse IceStar Media

What it does

IceStar MediaRestricts access to website categories with adult content, incl. gambling, mature themed and pornographic sites.

IceStar MediaRestricts access to specific websites, e.g. FaceBook, You Tube, Twitter.

IceStar MediaRestricts access to every device in the home. Including wireless internet access, e.g. PS3, xBox, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Nintendo Wii, eBook readers, etc.

IceStar MediaParents and guardians provided with access to an on-line control panel (with a username and password) to monitor browsing history and view stats.

IceStar MediaNo interference with existing hardware or internet settings.

How it works

Safe Browse is a simple internet security system that can be installed onto your home router with no disruption to your existing settings.

One of our team will contact you to establish what type of router you have at home (most are suitable to run Safe Browse), confirm that you have the required control panel access to it and arrange a convenient time to visit your home to install Safe Browse for you.

Installation simply requires a change to your DNS settings (i.e. how your router connects to other internet servers to access websites) so that access to certain website categories and specific website addresses are blocked off from every device in the home.

If your home router is not suitable to run Safe Browse we have alternative packages available. Please contact us to find out more.

Technical Specifications

IceStar MediaCompatible with most broadband routers.

IceStar MediaConfigurable by site category.

IceStar MediaBlock individual sites.

IceStar MediaCloud based service.

Can settings be changed?

Yes they can. Settings can be adjusted at any time allowing websites and categories that have been restricted to be removed from the restricted list.

More Information

For more details about Safe Browse, including prices, please contact us and speak directly to one of our friendly team members who will talk you through the installation process.

Phone 0845 004 9006 Monday - Friday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm